Arlington High school cast off the cast of its hit animated film, Arlington High, in an effort to maintain its tradition of producing original animated films.

The school board voted on Monday to change the casting of the school’s popular characters to new ones, including a character named ‘Alexa’ from the film.

The move came after the school board received feedback from parents and the public about the “insensitive” character in the animated film.

“I have a hard time finding the words to express my feelings about it, because it’s a very, very, insensitive portrayal of a young woman, and the idea that this young lady is supposed to be in charge of a public school, and she is supposed be a teacher and all of that,” said one parent in the meeting.

The decision was in response to complaints from parents who called the character a “racist stereotype,” said Arlington Public Schools spokesperson Jason Gagnon.

“We know that Arlington High is a diverse, diverse, inclusive and wonderful community, and that this change was necessary to reflect this reality,” he said.

The character Alexa was created in 2004 and first appeared in the film’s fifth season, released in 2009.

The film has been made into three separate animated movies, each with different characters and a different school.

The original character of Alex, the leader of a band of misfit kids, became a key part of the film franchise.

It was one of the few characters to not be cast in the series, but was still featured prominently in the third and fourth films.

Gagnons said he hopes that the changes made Monday will continue to “reflect the values and values of our community.”

Arlington High will continue producing original animation films and will be releasing two new animated films this summer, with the third film being a prequel to the third.

The district has not released the cast list of the new animated film in a short time, but is expected to release a full casting announcement at a later date.