The College Football Playoff tournament begins in 2019, and there’s still plenty of time for the best teams to get their share of bragging rights.

But this rivalry between two of the country’s most prestigious high schools will finally be over, as the top teams of the 2018 season will meet in the College Football Bowl Championship Series semifinal on Jan. 12.

The Texas A & M-Clemson rivalry began in 1998, when the Aggies won their first national title and were the only unbeaten team in the country.

Since then, the two schools have been close friends, winning three consecutive national titles in the last three years, including in 2017.

Both teams have also won at least five conference titles in their careers, and the two teams have been known to play close games.

The rivalry has been a mainstay in the rivalry game since the 1950s, and it’s always been fierce.

The last meeting between the teams was in 1997, and both teams are known to be extremely physical and competitive, especially when the teams have played.

The two teams’ best rivalry rivalry rival is arguably the NFL, where both teams have long been known for their close-fought football.

The two teams share a large fanbase in the Houston area, which is why many fans and alumni have been eager to get back to the rivalry.

“We love playing football in Houston, but we love the football a lot more than the rivalry,” A&m quarterback DeAndre Hopkins told the Houston Chronicle.

“We just play football to win games.

We just want to have fun.”

The rivalry between A&ms and Tigers began in 2010, when A&mdams coach Steve Spurrier came to the defense of Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney after a series of controversial tweets.

The Tigers responded by boycotting A&mnad and Swinneys team.

In the years since, Clemson has grown its fan base by hosting a number of marquee events at Tiger Stadium, including the Orange Bowl, which featured the first ever football game between Alabama and Auburn.

The Aggies, on the other hand, have won just one Big 12 title since the 2013 season, which includes a 12-win season in 2016.

Clemson is expected to host the 2018 College Football Championship at the Rose Bowl, and A&mma fans can expect the most physical rivalry in college football in 2021.