A magical bus made its way from Denver to Washington DC in November of 2013, where it served students from Roosevelt High School to the Magic School Bus.

Since then, it’s been a fixture of the city’s public schools.

It’s a bus that delivers students to and from school every day, even when the students are not at school.

The magic bus, called the Magic Bus, was inspired by the “magic” school bus that was used in Denver in 2012.

Since its creation, the bus has been a regular fixture of Denver’s public school system.

Today, the school system will celebrate its 40th year of the bus.

But not everyone is as happy as Roosevelt High’s teachers and students about the magic bus.

The Magic Bus is a great opportunity to bring children into the world, but the kids at Roosevelt High would rather be riding their own magical bus instead of riding a magical bus, said Michelle Roper, the principal of Roosevelt High.

Roper also said Roosevelt High students would love to ride a magical school bus for the first time.

The school is a part of Roosevelt Elementary School in Denver.

But Roper said Roosevelt students aren’t excited about riding a magic school bus.

“We want to make sure they’re really excited about the ride, so that’s a good place to start,” Roper explained.

Ropers magic school was funded by a grant from the US Department of Education.

A grantee from the National Science Foundation also helped fund the school, Roper added.

Students at Roosevelt are used to having a magical education.

They were the first students to have magic school buses built in Denver, and the first in the country.

The bus is the perfect vehicle for the Roosevelt students to learn and experience their new world, Ropers said.

The students will spend the first few days in Roosevelt High riding the magic school.

This is an opportunity for Roosevelt High to learn how to ride the bus, Roker said.

“It will help them be able to learn the skills that they need to succeed in their new school,” Ropers added.

The next part of the magic program is for the students to be able get out and ride their own bus.

Ropes, harnesses and harnesses are used in magic to help students achieve their goals.

The team of students, faculty and school administrators will spend most of the first day riding the bus and learning how to harness a rope and harness a magic.

The rope is tied to a school resource officer and the students will be taught how to use a harness.

They’ll then go through the magic process.

The process involves tying ropes together, creating the rope, using the harness and tying the rope to the harness.

The harness is then attached to the rope and the magic is performed.

The whole process takes about two to three minutes, Ropes said.