This is one of the last schools in Washington to be open in a public school setting.

Students are being taught in a traditional classroom, while classrooms are closed for maintenance.

The school reopened Wednesday.

But some parents and community members have questions.

Here’s what they have to say.

Alex WirthlinAlex Wirstin WirthinAlex Wirkin WirkinsAlex WitherinWirthin’s mother said she was upset because the new school would be closing for two weeks.

She called it “unacceptable.”

“I think this is going to affect students who are still in kindergarten and early grades.

This is going a little too far.

There should be a plan,” she said.

The new school is located at 8400 University Drive in Arlington, but the school closed last week for maintenance, and will reopen Friday.

Parents have been calling the new building a “closed school.”

A statement from the school says that while the new buildings were built to the highest standards, “they were built in a time when our school district’s budget was being slashed and we were still trying to pay our bills.

In that sense, they are in a different environment than the classroom of the existing school.”

The new facility is on a campus that will be closed in 2018, but it will reopen in 2021.

This includes the space at the front of the building, which will be used for special education and social studies instruction.

The school will be the last remaining public school in Washington.

The closure was announced by Washington Governor Jay Inslee, who said the decision was based on “critical budget issues.”