By MARK J. SHAPIROCHKA NEW YORK (AP) The New York Times published a story on Monday that revealed that a school board in Georgia’s Georgia Tech community has been censoring and deleting emails and texts critical of the school’s decision to close four of its four public schools and the school district’s decision not to provide counseling to students who attended them.

The story was based on an anonymous letter sent by the parents of students who were allegedly bullied by a teacher who was a leader at the school.

The letter was sent to the Georgia Tech Public Schools Board and the Board of Trustees, according to the Times article.

The school board’s response said that it had “reviewed all available information” and that it was reviewing the information in the letter.

In the letter, parents said that the teacher had repeatedly said that he was going to “kill people” and was “not a good person.”

The letter also alleged that the superintendent of the high school had “a pattern of violating student rights” and had “been in contact with the school principal over the past few years about the school and his actions.”

The school district, which is in the Atlanta metro area, announced Monday that it would be closing four schools for the next two years, and that its superintendent, John R. Thomas, would resign after being indicted on federal child abuse and child pornography charges in December.

Thomas has been charged with sexually abusing a minor and other crimes.

The superintendent resigned last month.

In his resignation letter, Thomas said he “felt it was important to take this action in light of recent events at Georgia Tech and other incidents that have been occurring.”

The Times article did not say whether Thomas had ever been to the school in question or whether the school had ever provided counseling to any students who had attended there.

“I want to extend my sincere apologies to the students, parents and community members for my actions,” Thomas wrote in his letter.

“In light of the recent events in Georgia Tech, I cannot continue to lead the school with integrity and integrity and the trust of the community.”

Thomas, who had been the principal of the Ga.

Tech campus since 2014, is accused of sexually abusing two students in 2014 and 2015.

In January, Thomas pleaded guilty to felony child pornography and child abuse charges and agreed to cooperate with the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

The Times reported that the district has received thousands of emails and text messages from parents that are critical of Thomas.

The paper said the text messages were sent between April 10 and April 16, and included a series of threats, including one that said, “you will get to your car and take it to the car wash and you will get out and you won’t come back.”

The newspaper said the school is the subject of a national investigation and said it had received more than 200 reports of bullying.

Thomas was sentenced in August to three years in prison for sexually abusing his ex-girlfriend.

He is expected to receive credit for time already served in prison.

The Georgia Tech district said it has had no contact with students or families who have been impacted by the letter or have received the email or text messages.

The district has also said that students who have attended the schools in question are not subject to the letter’s censoring, and it is also not responsible for any of the students’ or parents’ actions.

The letters came as Georgia Tech opened its new school, located in a renovated former military base in suburban Atlanta.

Georgia Tech said it would open a new school in Atlanta and a new high school in Savannah, Georgia, after officials determined that both of the schools would have “sufficient capacity” to accommodate students who are under the age of 21.

Georgia Gov.

Nathan Deal announced plans in January to close two schools in the Savannah area and close one in the central Atlanta area.

Deal said at the time that his administration was reviewing a number of options for closing schools in his state, including the closure of schools in Georgia.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Thomas is the first teacher in the state to be convicted of child abuse.