NEW YORK — New York City’s iconic skyline is about to get a lot bigger, but for some locals, it’s going to be more challenging than usual.

New York Times writer Andrew Ross Sorkin reports that the city is set to launch a $100 million new high-rise tower in Midtown, but some locals are worried it will overshadow the city’s historic skyline.

In his column for the Times, Sorkins points out that the project, dubbed “Sky-High,” will create an enormous building that will overshadow Midtown.

But he also notes that while the tower is new, the city has already seen plenty of skyscrapers rise in the past, and a similar project is already underway in downtown New York.

A new skyscraper is being proposed in New York City, and it’s being built to overshadow the skyline.

That’s because of a federal law that bans the demolition of historic buildings.

And the tower that’s being proposed is actually being built as a result of the landmark law, and has been given an official city permit to go up.

The Times says the tower will rise at least 40 stories above ground level, and will be completed in 2020.

Its estimated to cost $100 billion to build.