The best school lunch and snack options are now on offer at Stuvesant High School.

And some of them are good for the whole family.

The school district says students who eat lunch at Stutts school will receive the same meal plan as other students, but they will also receive the option to take advantage of the cafeteria lunch program.

The district says the cafeteria program will include both a lunch box and a hot meal.

“It is not a one-size-fits-all lunch,” said Stuyverty High School principal Susan D’Amato.

“We do not have the same lunch menu that we would have for other students.”

Lunch boxes at St. Vincent’s High School cafeteria can hold up to 8 pounds of food.

(CBC)The cafeteria will offer a variety of meals.

Some are served in large groups and are known for being a great way to start the day, said D’Amore.

Other options include soups, salads, wraps, sandwiches and fruit and veggie sandwiches.

The lunch box can hold 8 pounds, said Ms. D’AMATO.

It also includes a water bowl for beverages.

“The staff will be in touch with parents to help them plan the lunch for their child and also help them determine if the school is offering the lunch program to all of their children or just their student’s,” she said.

Stuyveans school lunch will be a staple for students of all ages.

“They can choose to eat with family or not,” said Ms D’Ambato.

In addition, there will be an after-school meal program for students.

“If you are going to have a group dinner, the school will provide a small plate with fruit and vegetables to each child,” said D’tamato.

Students will be encouraged to ask staff about lunch programs at St Vincent’s and other schools in the community.

“Students should always take the time to ask us what lunch options are available at our schools,” said Nancy Cavanagh, the director of food services at Stuvians school.

“Because we are in Stuyvens high school, we can offer a great lunch experience and our students will be able to get that same experience with us.”

Stuyvers high school has a large cafeteria and many lunch programs.

(Facebook)Students can also eat lunch with their parents at the Stuyvez High School dining hall, Ms. Cavanag said.

“When students are going into a meal, it’s very important to make sure that they get a meal plan with the staff,” she added.

Students can choose between a lunchbox and hot meal, which are also on offer.

“A hot meal is really good for children to eat,” said Mr. Cavenagh.

“In fact, it is a great option for kids who are on the school lunch program because it’s a hot breakfast.”

Mr. D’maglish, the principal of Stuyvinss school, said students will receive a lunch plan for every meal they choose.

“This is a good meal plan for the entire family,” he said.

It is available to students of any age and can be a great start to the day.

Stuvys school lunch service is now available at Stulich School, a school that serves students from age 9 to 17.

The menu includes a lunch with a salad, sandwiches, hot meal and fruit/veggie wrap.

“There are many lunch options that we have that are really good, but for children, especially kids that have disabilities, this is a really good option,” said Dr. Charles O’Brien, Stulice school’s principal.

“So it’s really a good choice for kids.”

Mr O’Briens school lunch menu includes breakfast, lunch and snacks.

He also said lunch is offered in the evening.