I am a part of the #Paint the School #PaintedSchool hashtag.

In fact, I am one of the many #PaintsTheSchool #PASD activists on Instagram.

This is the first time that I have seen #PASTOURED #PASSEDschools in my life.

I am not sure if I will be able to get my high school to reopen in a few weeks.

In any case, I wanted to share my experience in this post with you so you don’t have to wait. 

I was on my way home from a day at the office when I saw a message from my highschool.

The post was for a school board meeting to discuss the closure of a high school in my area. 

The message said the school would close its doors on September 30, 2018.

 I didn’t know anything about the school before I saw the message.

I was so excited.

My highschool was a wonderful place to learn.

The teachers, administrators, students, staff, and staff were all fantastic.

The only thing I had to worry about was the weather.

I drove home with my family on September 1st, 2018 and got home around 5:00pm. 

My phone was off so I didn’t have any notification that the school was closing. 

At first I thought my high School was in the middle of a drought.

I texted my parents, but they didn’t answer.

I called and left a message, but no answer.

My mom texted me again, and she said it was closed and they were sending me a text alert.

When I got home, I called my parents and asked if they had heard from my school.

They said they hadn’t and it was on hold.

I called the school and asked about the status of my high schools.

They told me they were closed and that I should call their office if I needed any assistance.

At this point, I was completely unprepared for what would happen.

My parents weren’t home.

I didn.

My parents, along with my two siblings, were in the dining hall when they were told that they were unable to leave the dining room.

They did not know how to react. 

In the middle the restaurant was still open.

I took the kids to the bathroom, which was a bit of a hassle.

I thought I would have to make a call on my cell phone to the school.

When I got to the office, they told me that they could not do that because they were in a meeting.

There were no students in the cafeteria.

My kids were terrified that I would go and make a phone call and that they would be locked up.

They were all crying. 

“Please, please, please help!” 

I called my mother and texted her.

She told me I was going to have to call the school to let them know what was going on.

“Mommy, it’s okay.

Please, please call my school to tell them we’re closed,” she texted me. 

They told me to call a family member who lived nearby.

She texted me back, “We’re closed.

Please call.”

I was really worried about my family and they would have a hard time figuring out what to do.

My phone started ringing all day.

It got to be a lot.

I couldn’t stop calling my parents.

They were not able to reach me until around 9:30pm on the Friday before the school’s closure.

I had just arrived home when I got the call. 

It was a hard day.

I got a call from my mother saying that she had been informed that her children were in jail.

I told her I was sorry and that we would call her later.

I never heard back from her. 

There was no information on social media, but I could see the school had been closed for a long time.

The message said that they planned to close for a week and that no students were going to attend.

I wanted a picture of the school that I could use as a reminder to the staff. 

After my school had closed for the week, I went back to my office and got a message.

It said the closure had been lifted.

As I went to go to my home, my mom texted to tell me that the staff at the school were now looking for a new job.

I asked my mother why she would send that message and she told me it was because I was not there for the meeting.

She had to go back to the dining table and wait.

I felt very helpless. 

As I waited, I saw my phone.

I turned on the light and it flashed the message that my high SCHOOL was closed.

I knew that I had missed my chance.

My home was not near a school and I was in my dorm.

I waited for the message to go away and