A new report says physical therapy schools in Texas should increase their PAE offerings.

The Texas Department of Health says the current PPE curriculum is “not effective enough” for some physical therapists and “may not be relevant” for others.

The report was produced by the Texas Physical Therapy Association and the Texas PPE Association.

Physical therapists are expected to spend at least 40 hours a week on their PAEs, and there are some schools that are more effective than others.

Some schools do not offer PAEs.

According to the report, some physical therapy students are able to achieve a higher level of PAE performance with less time on the job.

“We recommend the creation of new programs to address these challenges and increase PAE effectiveness across the state,” said Dr. Scott Stiles, associate professor of physical therapy at the University of Texas Medical Branch, in a statement.

Schools must provide PAEs to all students, and a number of states, including Texas, have passed legislation to require that this is the case.

“It’s critical that physical therapists be able to continue their profession, and that the profession be supported and respected by the state and community,” Stiles said.

The authors of the report said that in the past, there have been issues with PPE students taking jobs outside of the profession.

“This is a time of crisis for physical therapists, and it’s important to ensure that physical therapy programs are staffed and supported to keep students in physical therapy,” said Stiles.

Physical therapy programs should not focus on the profession as a career, but rather the profession should be supported to develop and deliver PPE.