With all of the traffic, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

But it’s not always so simple.

Below are some tips for when your car is too busy to be a carpool, and what you can do to reduce the chances of it happening.

Carpooling can be a great way to get around town, but you should be prepared for the unexpected.


Get to a place where there are plenty of seats 1.

Find a spot that’s close to a car wash, an auto repair shop, or a parking lot.2.

Ask your family to get a car and pull into the lot to park.3.

When you arrive at your destination, be sure to leave your seatbelt on.

This is especially important when you’re headed toward your destination.4.

If you’re leaving a car at a stop light, leave your keys in your car and bring them with you.5.

You’ll have to be patient to wait in long lines.

The wait time for the carpool lane will typically be at least 10 minutes, but it can be as long as an hour.6.

Be careful not to take your keys or keys in with you when you arrive.


Always use your smartphone, and never leave it in your lap.8.

Keep your cell phone and wallet at your feet when you leave your car.9.

Be prepared for traffic jams.

Make sure you’ve got a backup plan in case you need to stop for gas or take a quick phone call.10.

Don’t leave your phone at the gas station, even if you know it’s only 10 minutes away.11.

Don: Keep a list of all your contact information so you can call 911 or a loved one in case your phone breaks.12.

Keep a car phone charger in your glove compartment, in case it gets stolen.13.

Always carry a small bag with cash and a credit or debit card.14.

Keep enough food in your carry-on bag to last the duration of the trip.15.

Keep it hidden, and leave it at home if you’re planning on staying longer than two nights.16.

Make a list for your friends and family.

This will help them stay safe.17.

Be aware of how many people you can share a ride with.18.

Don�t leave your cell or mobile phone in your handbag.19.

Be respectful of your neighbors, and keep your phone out of reach of children.20.

Wear sturdy footwear.

Be sure to keep your car doors locked.21.

Wear headphones and a good ear protection if you�re listening to music.22.

Be polite and polite to your driver, even when you�ve just finished a long day.23.

Have your car towed, especially if you have a young child in the back.24.

Don your seat belt when leaving your car, and don�t let your seat fall off.25.

Don tleave your phone in the glove compartment.26.

Have someone call 911 if your car breaks down.