The story of how a Pennsylvania school closed over safety concerns was the subject of a new documentary film.

The film, titled The Last One, was released on Monday by The Weinstein Company. 

The film, which is directed by Peter Dix, is about a teacher who took an issue with her school’s closure policy and asked to have her school reopen.

The teacher was told that she would be fired, and that she was also prohibited from leaving the school. 

“I was terrified,” the teacher told the film.

“I was like, ‘What are you doing?

Are you going to let me go?'” 

“It was a horrible, terrible thing to say to a school that was already hurting and in crisis,” the film notes.

“It’s not just that they were closing, but they were taking away the lives of our students.” 

The documentary also focuses on the impact of closing schools on the communities they serve.

In a city like New York, where schools are overcrowded and there are multiple closures a day, students will spend much of their time in a single school.

When a school is closed, the city is forced to relocate students from nearby schools. 

A New York City elementary school in 2016 The closing of a New York public school in August of 2016 forced the closure of a second one. 

This was just one of the many closures that took place across the country during the summer of 2016. 

One of the most recent was the closure and relocation of a public school at the University of California, Berkeley, after the school was deemed to be in “emergency” status by the Berkeley Unified School District. 

Many schools in the city were also forced to close due to unsafe conditions at their facilities. 

According to CNN, the University District of Los Angeles reported that over 2,400 students were forced to leave the campus for various reasons during the Summer of 2016, and over 1,300 students were relocated by the school’s parent district. 

It was reported that students in Los Angeles were unable to finish classes because of mold and other problems. 

Some of these closures have led to other community and community leaders being forced to make tough decisions. 

In New York on July 1, 2016, a group of community leaders held a press conference in which they asked the mayor to consider the possibility of closing some of the city’s public schools.

The leaders called for the city to re-evaluate its policies, as well as consider closing schools in order to protect children and reduce student suspensions. 

On August 9, the New York State Education Department said that it will consider closing a number of schools that were deemed unsafe by the city. 

Another group of leaders on August 9 held a protest in which members of the community, parents, and community organizations protested the closure of several schools in Brooklyn. 

Students in New York held a candlelight vigil in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Flatbush on August 16, 2016 to protest the closure. 

As of Monday, New York has approximately 1,200 schools that are currently closed, according to the city Department of Education. 

There have been reports that the closure has led to violent incidents.

On August 15, 2016 a 19-year-old man was shot and killed during a standoff at the New Jersey school that closed over concerns of safety. 

While some schools have been reopened, others have closed down entirely. 

For example, the state of Michigan closed down all public schools in its area in December of 2016 over safety fears.

The closure of many public schools also led to the closure in the district of public schools at the Pennsylvania school district that closed in January of 2017. 

Several other states have closed schools over safety issues, including Arizona, Indiana, and New Mexico. 

New York City has seen a rash of high-profile closures that have taken place over the summer. 

Hundreds of New York Public School students were placed in the care of other schools during the Great Fire of the World on July 17, 2017.

According to reports, students who were at school when the fire started had to be evacuated because of the proximity of their schools.

According the New Yorker, the fire was so intense that it left the schools completely unusable. 

However, the closures were a result of students and parents protesting the closure over safety and overcrowding issues. 

During a protest held in New Jersey on August 7, 2016 students and staff from the New Hampshire public school district held a vigil at the State House to demand a reopening of the state’s public school system. 

Two weeks later, students at a New Jersey public school staged a walkout in protest of the closure that occurred after the death of a student in September of 2016 at the public school.

The students also demanded that the school reopen for a school day. 

More recently, students in Philadelphia held a rally in protest against the closure at the Penn State campus. 

Teachers, administrators, and students have also taken to the streets and marched in several