Trinity High School, in central Florida, has been in a constant state of flux over the past decade, the last of which saw its enrollment fall by almost 40 percent.

Its current enrollment is about 3,600 students.

But it’s the school’s current tuition that has gotten some parents very excited.

In 2015, Trinity offered its first-ever tuition waiver program, allowing students to take home up to $3,000 tuition for the school year.

Now the school is offering its first tuition rebate in its history.

Trinity has recently had a number of students who want to attend Trinity attend other schools in the state, including Liberty, a private, liberal arts college.

In the past, Trinity has faced pressure from its students, who have demanded more scholarships.

But in recent months, the school has been on the receiving end of some criticism from some parents.

A new survey from the New York Times found that about half of parents surveyed said they didn’t feel comfortable paying $100,000 for a school that doesn’t meet their needs.

Trinity was the only school to receive a negative response, with 70 percent saying it should be allowed to stay open for the summer, while only 20 percent said it should stay closed.

The school has also faced some criticism on social media, where students have expressed anger at Trinity’s policy.

“I think it’s just really stupid,” one student wrote on Twitter.

“They should be able to afford to have kids to go to school and not have to go through the process of getting their families to pay for tuition.”

Trudeau High School in North Carolina, meanwhile, is another school that recently faced backlash.

The school’s board voted unanimously in June to raise tuition by $100 per year for incoming students.

The decision was criticized for forcing students to attend classes in two locations.

The new school will also have to close in the spring.

Many parents of students at Trinity, and others who attended Trudeau last year, have argued that tuition hikes have led to higher tuition at other schools, like the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

At Trinity, the tuition fee for the 2018-19 school year is about $8,500.

Parents who want their kids to attend a private school can apply for a $250 tuition waiver, which they can use toward tuition or room and board at Trinity.

If a parent applies for a tuition waiver that covers the full cost of tuition for their child, they’ll pay $100 a year, with the balance coming from their own pockets.