Google is offering to buy up to £600 worth of internet bandwidth in a bid to help its broadband customers get online faster and cheaper.

The search giant is selling the internet bandwidth for just £1 a month, which is far cheaper than the £1.95 it charged its internet customers when they first joined its broadband service last year.

It said that if it buys the bandwidth, customers could benefit from a 1GB of high-bandwidth fibre optic broadband for £5.35 a month.

The company is also selling the bandwidth for £1 per month, giving consumers an extra £100 in monthly internet costs, which could save them up to 40p per month.

Google said that its internet service had become “too expensive” and said it was working on a “better solution” for those who wanted to “keep their data at a reasonable price”.

The deal comes after the internet giant said it had already sold more than 2.6m internet connections last year, making it one of the biggest internet service providers in the world.

The move comes as the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is investigating whether the internet giants should be required to sell their data to the public, after it was criticised by a number of internet users and activists.

“We are now seeing the cost of broadband continue to grow,” Google said.

“This is a great opportunity to offer customers the most cost-effective option for connecting to the internet for the future.”

It is also giving customers an extra 20p per minute, which it said would be “an even more affordable way to enjoy the web”.

The internet service company has previously said it would be investing “hundreds of millions” of pounds in the UK if it was forced to sell its broadband services to the government.

Google has also said it has been offering its customers free access to its own network, while it has also offered free internet access to a number who have been stuck in congested areas.

The internet giant is currently owned by Alphabet, which was formed in 2004 and is based in Mountain View, California.

Google previously tried to buy Facebook and Facebook bought Instagram in 2016.