COLLEGE PARK, TX — If you’ve ever seen the Confederate flag in the classroom or in a playground, you’ve probably heard it being raised at least once in recent months.

But just how common is this?

How common is it to see it on the grounds of schools?

And how common are the Confederate flags being raised?

The following infographic provides some numbers and statistics.

How many Confederate flags are there in your school?

The official tally is 5,726.

But you can’t count every one of them.

There are hundreds of different flags on the Texas State Capitol grounds, but the exact number is hard to pinpoint.

The flags are typically hung in front of the Capitol Rotunda, or in front, behind or just inside of the rotunda.

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What percentage of the flags in the Texas school system are Confederate?

More than 70% are in the public schools, according to a survey conducted by the Texas Education Agency.

This percentage has been growing, and it’s likely to keep growing.

In a survey of 1,000 Texas public school students, 84% said they saw Confederate flags at least a few times on school grounds in the past year.

When the survey was taken last year, just 30% said the percentage had increased.

When it comes to Confederate flags on school property, that number jumped to 75%.

That’s a lot of flags, and many schools have a long history of displaying Confederate flags.

Many school districts are located in cities with large black populations.

When school boards are asked about the presence of Confederate flags, they often say it is part of their culture, a “code of conduct” they enforce.

What do Confederate flags mean to people who grew up with the flag?

They mean everything to people like me who grew in the South during the Civil War, and they are part of our history and heritage.

When you think about it, the Confederate battle flag was actually created by the Confederacy during the war.

The flag was designed by Confederate artist Charles Sumner, who called it “a symbol of national unity and Southern unity.”

The Civil War was a huge conflict that lasted more than a century, and the flag that became the flag of the Confederacy was created during that time.

What is the significance of a Confederate battle banner in Texas?

It is symbolic of the fact that the South fought to defend slavery and the South has a history of fighting against the people of the North.

It’s a symbol of the South’s power and its ability to fight back.

There have been a number of Confederate battle flags that have been raised on public school property in the state, and these flags were flown at every major event during the civil rights era.

The Confederate battle banners that have flown on public grounds in Texas have been removed, but others remain.

What about the Confederate emblem in public schools?

Public schools have historically had a Confederate emblem on their walls, in school restrooms and in classrooms.

That emblem is an image of a Union soldier wearing a Union uniform, with a shield and an eagle.

What does the Confederate symbol mean to students who grew under slavery?

It means everything to them.

They’re able to understand why it’s important.

They see it as a symbol that’s been there, going back a long way, and that’s why it still exists today.

It was the symbol of a different country, and we see the Confederate soldier today as the symbol for all of us.

Are there schools in the United States that have Confederate flags?


Schools that are majority-black have had Confederate flags hanging on their buildings since the 1960s.

Schools in majority-white areas have been the subject of some controversy over the past decade, particularly in the last few years.

When a South Carolina lawmaker proposed a bill to remove Confederate symbols from state buildings, it was met with criticism from students, parents and teachers, many of whom said the symbol was disrespectful to the memory of slaves who fought in the Civil Wars.

Schools also have Confederate symbols hung on their windows and doors.

Do schools in Texas ever display Confederate flags outside the classroom?

The answer is no.

While schools in a state with a majority-minority population have historically displayed Confederate flags inside, they have not displayed them outside of the classroom.

Schools are free to choose to display Confederate banners on their property, and those banners are often placed in the back of classrooms and behind the desk.

What are the different kinds of Confederate flag that are being flown?

There are three types of Confederate symbols on Texas schools: the “standard,” “standard blue,” and the “original,” according to the Texas Tribune.

How is the Confederate banner used on Texas public schools to represent the Confederacy?

There have always been many different types of flags that were flown on Confederate flags throughout the country, but in Texas, the flags are used as a shorthand for the Confederacy.

The standard is the standard Confederate flag, which has the word “South” in gold letters across the top of it.

The original