Lincoln, Neb.

— A Lincoln, Nebraska, elementary school hockey game Saturday night will feature two power forward teams with both teams looking to make a statement.

Power: Lincoln’s power forward program has made it known that it will go in all-out against the NCAA tournament, and this is no exception.

The school is in a three-way tie for the third-best record in the NCAA Division III ranks, with a 3-0-0 record.

This means that Lincoln has the third best overall record in Division III, and the school will have two power forwards who are eligible for the NCAA Tournament.

The second power forward in the two power schools is a freshman named Zachary Givens, who was the NCAA All-American for the past two seasons.

Givins is the only power forward from Lincoln who was not a member of the All-America team this season.

Lincoln also has a pair of power forwards on its roster, including a freshman who will be playing for the program this season, as Dylan Ziegler.

The freshman is 6-foot-4 and has a 2.69-second 40-yard dash, and his best score in the shot-blocking department was a 3.03 seconds at the NCAA Indoor Championships in 2016.

Ziegler was the No. 1 pick in the 2017 NHL Draft by the Minnesota Wild, and he is expected to play a significant role in the power program’s resurgence this season.(Photo courtesy: Kyle M. P. King)Power: The two power programs are both part of the Ivy League, and Lincoln’s program has earned its reputation as one of the best in the Ivy league.

The Ivy League is a league that is known for its depth, with many players being drafted by teams in the top 30 of the draft.

The team also has great depth on defense, with two former power forwards playing for Lincoln.

The two freshmen who are going to be playing this weekend, Zachary Zieglers and Dylan Zahnler, are both 6-3 and 225 pounds respectively, and have played college hockey in the past.

Both of these power forwards are eligible to play for the Ivy Leagues’ second division team this year, the Boston University IceHogs.

Lincoln’s Ziegglers and Zahnlers are both in the second round of the 2018 NHL Draft.(Photo: Kyle P. Kings)The second-ranked power program in Division II, Lincoln has been the best power program this year for the first time in more than a decade, and it will have a lot of momentum going into the NCAA tournaments.

Lincoln is currently the highest ranked power program, and its undefeated season will put it in the running for the tournament, according to Hockey Analysis.

This is going to make for an exciting weekend in Lincoln.(Photo via: Kyle Kings)Power is coming into the tournament as the No, 1 seed in the North Division, and if they are to make the NCAA playoffs, they will need to win the whole thing.

Lincoln will have the third seed, and they will be up against the top seed, the Providence Bruins.

Lincoln has won the first two games of their series, and is undefeated at 3-1.

Providence is a team that is expected on this weekend’s NCAA tournament team.

They are expected to go into the event undefeated.

Providence has a 3 (1-0) record against Division II teams, including an undefeated record in 2016 against Lincoln.(Video courtesy: Scott Kowalewski)Power has not played a game against a Division II opponent since April 20, 2016, when they lost to the Springfield Falcons in Springfield, Mass.

Lincoln was the second best seed in Division I at the time, and was ranked first overall in the country.

Power is in their fourth year of existence and are the top power program at the moment.

The only time Lincoln has ever been ranked second in the nation was in 2010, when Lincoln lost to Syracuse in Syracuse, N.Y. The program has played Division II opponents in every year since the merger of Division I and II, and now the league will be back for a third year.

Power has been ranked third in the world in terms of overall points per game and third in points per minute this season and are also in the final round of their bid to advance to the NCAA Championship.

Lincoln and Providence are the two teams who have a better chance of advancing this weekend.(Photo by: Scott Kings)After the two games on Saturday, Lincoln will travel to Albany, N, to face the Albany Devils on Saturday.

The Devils are the sixth-ranked team in Division V, and are in the hunt for the sixth seed in their conference.

Lincoln hasn’t played a Division V opponent this season after a season where they played eight games.

They were the No., 2 seed in 2017, and beat the No.(1) seed, No. 3 seed, 3(1) and No. 4 seed, respectively.

Providence beat No.