The Jordan School District in Ohio will no longer use a school mascot in its classrooms, following a request from Jordan High School students.

In a statement released Wednesday, the Jordan School Board of Education said it has decided to stop the use of the ‘Jordan’ mascot.

Jordan School District Superintendent Kevin Brown said that the decision came from students who felt the use was disrespectful to the school and teachers.

“It is our goal to be a place where we respect and listen to our students and staff,” he said.

As part of its commitment to diversity, the district is using the Jordan’s name as its mascot for the upcoming school year.

The decision comes after a group of students and community members wrote a letter to Jordan Board President James Saylor in July, urging the district to change its mascot. 

According to Brown, the students also pointed out that the mascot’s appearance is not reflective of the school’s identity, and the district has decided not to use the character as its logo.

Brown added that the district will be using the school mascot “in an all-ages manner” for the coming school year, but added that Jordan High will be able to use other school mascands in the future.

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