A law school degree has made Paul Mitchell a college student, but he has become something else.

He is a meme.

His school, the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, is now known for its meme-based online classes and a meme-obsessed campus, which is often home to memes.

For example, one of the students who made the meme-inspired school photos is now a lawyer.

And it’s not just law school students who are inspired by Mitchell.

A photo of a school-issued laptop computer that was used to create the school photos went viral, and Mitchell was asked to comment on the image.

“The laptop is a gift from my mom,” Mitchell wrote.

“I love this way of working because it gives me the freedom to express myself without the constraints of a normal office environment.”

Mitchell, a sophomore at the school, told The Washington Post that he started making memes to be shared on his Twitter account and other social media.

He has since posted about a dozen of them, many of them funny, but some of them were quite serious.

A meme for the University College London Law School (UCLAS) law school, which he graduated from in 2012, is among a number of his most popular.

“It was my way of being able to get a laugh and get away from my stress and just really enjoy the day,” Mitchell said.

He said his parents had to help him with the photos.

“They wanted to take the time to put the whole school on my wall, so they said, ‘You can do it for free.'”

“It wasn’t even a big deal,” he added.

“They didn’t care that it was on the wall.”

“I just think the world would be better without law schools,” he said.

The memes are not limited to law schools.

Mitchell made a similar meme in 2016 about a group of students at the University at Buffalo who were asked to take off their school shirts.

The University of Tennessee has a similar law school meme, which has since gone viral.

The school’s Twitter account also posted a meme of students posing in a photo, captioned, “Our class is on!”

This image from the University School of New Zealand shows students taking off their law school shirts, which was inspired by a meme posted on the school’s official Twitter account.

Mitchell said he decided to start making memes about the school after a classmate made a meme that looked like a fake police report.

“I’m like, ‘OK, I’m going to do a mock police report about my class,'” Mitchell said of the fake report.

He said he posted the picture to his Facebook page to see how many people liked it.

“Then I figured, ‘Well, this is a great idea.'”

He said the next morning, he sent the photo to his friends and they posted it on Facebook, which inspired him to make more of the same.

“People would come up to me and say, ‘Wow, this looks really cool, but I want to know if this is real,'” he said, adding that the responses were overwhelming.

“We were like, there are hundreds of thousands of people who want to see this, and this is how to do it.”

The meme-makers also made a number other photos of their own students.

One of the photos shows a group from the law school wearing the same school shirt as one of its students, a parody of the school photo.

“This is what the school looks like,” Mitchell captioned the photo.

He added, “It’s a really good picture, because it’s so close to the real school.”

The school, however, is not the only place where memes are spreading.

A similar meme for Yale Law School also went viral in 2016, and another for the College of William and Mary went viral a year later.

Mitchel said that some of the memes that were posted to his Twitter and Facebook accounts went viral when they were shared on Reddit.

But Reddit also has a rule against making jokes about the law schools or the university.

“You’re kind of limited,” he explained.

“The law school is kind of the main campus, so you can’t really be joking around with the university.”

Mitchel says he thinks that the school is making a big mistake by making memes.

“If I can make a meme for one of my classes and I can get the word out to the rest of the class, then that’s good,” he admitted.

“But it’s a little bit like, I guess, being a celebrity.

People want to hang out with me and have a laugh.

It’s kind of hard to make that kind of connection.”

Mitcher said that he hopes that the memes continue to spread and that law schools take more creative, meme-centric classes to make them more appealing to students.

“Law schools are a very small part of the overall university