Students who attended a flight school in the UK after being told they could not fly home have returned home.RTE has learned that students at a private flight school have been flown back to England after being given permission to do so.

Theresa May has confirmed the government will allow students from a private school to continue to work after the Brexit vote.

Students who were given permission will be allowed to return home on August 15 and August 20.

The move is part of a wider government strategy to re-engage with the UK’s schools following the Brexit decision.

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Theresa May announced the Government will extend the UK-wide stay-at-home rule to students from schools in the country.

The stay-home policy was introduced after the 2015 general election to help students who were unable to travel to the UK because of a variety of circumstances.

During the campaign, the Government promised to end the stay-in-the-country rule in the short term, but not in the long term.

The Prime Minister announced that the government would not end the policy in the longer term, and that all students will be able to continue working from home in the autumn of 2019.

It comes after the Government announced it was extending the stay home rule to schools in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.