NEW YORK —  “Tales” star Lee Pace has a new show coming to CBS.

Pace will host a new drama series called “Tales.”

“Tale” will star the “Tiger Woods” star as a teacher, who is working at the fictional Beverly Hills High School.

“We wanted to explore this idea of teacher/student relationships in a new way,” Pace told CBS News, adding that the new show will explore “the power of teacher-student relationships to form stronger relationships across all levels of society.”

Pace is a fan of “Tale.”

He said his love for the show started as a child and continued as an adult.

“I remember as a kid being able to watch the ‘Tin Cup’ episode, when we got to the point where they were doing the ‘I’m a teacher’ episode and I was like, ‘That’s awesome!

I love that episode,'” Pace said.

The show, which will be co-created by Mark Wahlberg, will focus on a teacher and student relationship.

The show will be created by Mark and Jessica Wilbur, who previously worked on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

Pose said that “Takers” star Benicio Del Toro is an executive producer on the show.

Pace said he’s excited to be part of the CBS drama lineup.

He added that he’s always interested in doing new things.

CBS News’ Jennifer Ludden contributed to this report.