A Lake County, Illinois, school district teacher who refused a student’s request to be vaccinated because he did not have a valid health certificate has been arrested.

Lake County Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Michelle McKeown said Tuesday that 44-year-old Robert F. Davis, of Lake Forest, was charged with a Class A misdemeanor.

The district had said Davis would not vaccinate the teen because he was not a member of his community, but district officials said Davis had refused to provide the student with a valid certificate of immunization.

The district has said Davis has been disciplined for the issue and has been on paid administrative leave.

Davis had been on administrative leave since Dec. 15 after a lawsuit was filed by the teen’s parents alleging that Davis was not following proper procedures when he refused to sign the vaccination form.

A district spokeswoman said the teen had attended the school in the past.

McKeown says the district has received a complaint from the parents that the school’s staff did not properly handle the vaccination request.