It’s no secret that this fall, there are a lot of college basketball games on television.

The NCAA Tournament and the Final Four are big events, and there are plenty of games on ESPN, FOX and ABC.

But the big games, like the Final and the College World Series, are also big moneymakers for the schools that run them.

The Big Ten, for instance, has more than $30 billion in TV revenue in 2019.

The average cost of hosting a Big Ten game is $2.5 million per game, according to SportsBusiness Journal.

And that includes everything from the players’ salaries to the security and catering.

The average ticket price is $60.

The SEC is expected to get more than half its revenue from television revenue in 2020.

That number has been boosted by increased access to its network, which includes a national subscription network, the SEC Network.

The Big 12 Conference is in a similar situation.

Its average cost per game is roughly $2 million, according the Sporting News.

And, for the Big East, that number is $1.5.

The league’s average ticket cost is $50.

For the Big Ten and Pac-12, the average costs of the conference games on their networks are about $1 million and $2,000 per game respectively.

The ACC is in the middle of a similar spike.

In 2019, it was expected to see $3.4 billion in total revenue from its network and cable packages.

But it’s expected to spend almost half that amount on television this fall.

That’s due to the increased availability of ACC Network and ACC Sports Network, which have grown to reach millions of homes in the U.S. and Canada.

The AAC is also expected to increase its revenue by about $2 billion in 2019, according Sporting News, due to increased access and sponsorship opportunities for fans.

The conference has also increased its television revenue, from about $4 million to more than twice that amount.

The BCS and ACC have already increased their average costs for their networks by $300 million, or about $600 per game.

But they’re still far behind the Big 12, which has an average cost for its games of $1,400.

In 2019, the Big 10 is projected to have about $12.5 billion in television revenue.

That includes the broadcast rights for the league’s Big 12 games and its ACC Network.

That network has about 11 million subscribers.

The CFP will be released in January and will be the largest college football event in history.

But for now, the NCAA and its members have a lot to think about.

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