The Israeli authorities shut down all the schools in the Palestinian refugee camp of Yatta and the Palestinian Law School in the Israeli settlement of Beit Hanoun, as the Israeli authorities and its Jewish citizens blamed the terror attacks on Palestinian terrorists.

The Israeli authorities have ordered the closure of all schools in Yatta, the Palestinian law school and the Hebrew University in Beit Hamayun, the Ministry of Interior announced.

The ministry said the closures are in response to the terrorist attacks in the Hebrew law school on March 7, which left two students dead and several others injured.

The government will ensure that no students will leave the camp without permission, and will provide all necessary permits for students to move around and return to their schools, the ministry said.

Yatta and Beit Ben-Nassar, both in the West Bank, were closed on March 11 after two Palestinian terrorists, one of whom carried out the shooting, stabbed a security guard at the entrance to the law college.

A third Palestinian was killed in the attack, which was also claimed by Hamas, the movement designated a terrorist organization by Israel.

The Jewish and Palestinian communities were locked in a war of words after the two schools were closed.

The Israeli government declared that “terrorists” and “terror-supporting groups” were responsible for the attack.

The Palestinian Authority, the United Nations and international organizations, meanwhile, condemned the attack on both schools.

The PA, which has governed the West Jerusalem settlement of Arab neighborhoods for more than half a century, has blamed the attacks on the Islamic Jihad terror organization, which it designated a terror organization by the United States and the European Union.

Israel’s foreign minister called the attacks “an attack against all of humanity” and said they were a “flagrant violation of international law and human rights law.”

The U.N. Secretary-General condemned the attacks, calling them “one of the most cowardly attacks on civilians and on human dignity” in the Middle East.

In the days following the attacks and in the days that followed, the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared a state of emergency in the settlements.

It also called on Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to resign.

The American law college, located near Ramallah, was also closed.

A second American law firm, Kroll & Beresford, also closed its doors, as did the Jewish Institute of Jerusalem, which is located in Jerusalem.

The closures were in response, in part, to the deadly attacks on three Jewish schools in September, which killed six people, including three students.

In October, Israeli forces killed the father of an American citizen, Gilad Shaar, after a manhunt for a suspected member of the Islamic State group in the Hebron area.

Israel imposed an additional 90-day state of siege in the settlement of Gush Etzion and in other parts of the West in response.