The school dance that inspired the Confederate flag was in a predominantly white neighborhood in Louisiana.

The dance was in the Duval County Schools’ “Trial Park” program, a public park that’s about 60 percent white, according to the school district.

The school district also said it doesn’t have a history of race-based discrimination, according a news release from the district.

Duke Ellington, the principal of the Duveval County Public Schools, said in a statement that “the dances that were included in the program are an integral part of the school day, and that they were included to allow students to learn and engage in the spirit of the program.”

“We believe this is an important step in a process that has been long in coming,” Ellingston said.

The district said that the district “reiterates its unwavering commitment to inclusion and equity, and its commitment to ensuring that all students have access to the programs offered to them by our district.”