Buffalo Public Schools closed on Tuesday, ending what had been a two-decade run in the district that was once home to the highest-performing high school in the country.

Buffalo Public Schools, which opened in 1949, was renamed after a local woman who worked at the Buffalo Public School District.

A year later, the school was renamed the Buffalo Beauty School, after a woman who attended it as a child.

But with the closure, it was no longer possible to recruit and retain students, which has led to a steep drop in enrollment since the closure.

“Buffalo is a city of people who love their children, and we’re just one of a number of districts that’s been affected by the loss of this facility,” Buffalo Public Superintendent John Kelly said.

Buffalonians were already feeling the effects of a declining population in the Buffalo area, according to the Buffalo News, as more than a third of the city’s students are now in public schools.

Buffyanna Public Schools has more than 1,500 students enrolled, down from more than 2,000 in 2016, according the Buffalo Business Journal.

The school district has a staff of about 775 students, down about a third since the end of last year.

Students in the high school were moved to a new facility in 2018, with the intention of making it more affordable.

But now, Kelly said, that plan will no longer be viable.

BuffieBeautySchools.com was a Facebook page dedicated to the school.

In the last few weeks, it has been suspended, and the school district will be moving into an old facility in 2020, Kelly told ABC News.

The closure will be temporary, but will affect all of Buffalo Public’s schools for a number in years to come.

Buffay Public is not the only district affected by this.

In Alabama, where there is a population of 2.2 million, the high schools in Montgomery County are also closing.