A few months ago, the Granites decided to send a letter to all schools in the Granitic community saying that they were concerned about the state of the schools and the state’s healthcare system.

Granite schools were scheduled to begin classes on June 4, but on May 27, students were sent home and their classes canceled.

On May 29, Granite school administrators informed Granite Community School District leaders that they had to shut down their schools due to “an increase in students returning to school early.”

On June 2, the school district issued a statement saying they had no choice but to close the schools because they could not afford to pay for the cost of replacing the classrooms, and that they would be unable to hire enough staff to fill the vacancies.

The Granites did not notify the parents of the students that they could return to school in the next two weeks.

The next day, Granites sent a letter, addressed to Granite parents, saying that it was the school’s responsibility to “educate the children in the public schools,” and that Granite staff would be “working hard to get them ready to go back to school.”

But the Granits letter made it clear that it did not want the students to return to Granitic schools because “they do not want to be in a situation where their families can’t pay for their school bills and medical expenses.”

In the Granitces letter, the district said that Granites medical and dental bills for their students would not be covered by the school system, but that they did not plan to “pay” for it because “we have no choice.”

The Granitcers letter said that they have been in communication with the state and with school district leaders to discuss how to resolve the issue, but it said that it has yet to receive a response.

A school district spokesperson told me that the school is in the process of contacting its parents and asking them to sign a petition calling on the Granituys school district to make the necessary changes to their health plan and pay for students to attend classes.

“They want to do the right thing,” the spokesperson said, “but they don’t have the money.

They’re working very hard to make sure that they don