By Emily Smith-MeadowsA costume for high school girls is finally here.

Last week, the costume maker of the original high school girl costume launched an online campaign to raise awareness of the new trend.

“The world has moved on and we need to start doing something about it,” the creator of the costume, Taryn Linn, wrote on Facebook.

“A lot of the girls are going through a lot of emotional turmoil, and the world is not going to accept it, so why not just make them feel better?”

It looks like a lot better than the one I wore when I was a little girl. “

I’ve made it for years, and I have to say that it looks great.

It looks like a lot better than the one I wore when I was a little girl.

It’s not just a dress, but it’s a costume.”

Linn has created the new, slightly more adult, high school dress for a number of years, including the 2013 costume.

Since then, she’s been inspired to make a more sophisticated one for high schools, and is planning to launch the new one on Oct. 11, 2018.

The new costume, designed by the creator’s daughter, is more formal and more modern than the original, with an intricate lace overlay, and a floral ribbon for an accent.

The new dress is a little smaller than the old one, and will cost about $100.

The $150 costume will be available at select stores.

The high schoolgirl costume was a hit, with people lining up in droves to get their hands on it.

Linn said she wanted to give people a reason to wear the new costume and to tell people about her own journey.

“My story is pretty simple: I went through a horrible situation that cost me my life,” Linn wrote on the campaign’s Facebook page.

“That experience has been the beginning of who I am today, and has given me the drive to make this costume a reality.

So I am so thankful for the support and love from the community, and so grateful that my family is supportive of this journey.

The costumes will be made available for purchase on my website and Etsy.

I hope to have these available in high school as well as on the school’s campuses by the end of October.”