The NCAA Tournament is just a few days away and we’ve got some new details on the competition.

The Associated Press has released their most recent rankings for the first half of the NCAA tournament and the results were a bit surprising.

For the first time since the first edition of the tournament was launched in 2008, the average number of points per game in the tournament is down to .8.

In fact, the tournament average points per win has been down to 3.6 points per loss in the last 10 years.

The number of NCAA Tournament wins has also decreased by two from last year.

As for the number of overall wins, the first-place team has won a little over 20 percent of its games this year.

That’s a little lower than the national average of 27.5 percent.

It was also down from the national averages of 32.3 percent and 33.9 percent.

But this is still a respectable number and it’s certainly a sign of things to come.

The average NCAA Tournament win has decreased by one.

The two highest-scoring teams in the field have also dropped a little, as well.

Florida State and Kentucky are the only two teams with more than 10 wins each.

The first- and second-place teams in each bracket are each down from last season’s averages.

So the next question is, which schools have been the most effective?

The most effective schools in the Final Four in the past 10 years are: Kentucky, North Carolina, Michigan State, Iowa, Wisconsin, Louisville, Virginia, Michigan, and Indiana.

All four of these teams have averaged more than 15 wins over the past decade.

North Carolina and Iowa have also been at the top of the national rankings for a decade.

That hasn’t changed over the last decade, but this is a new year, and the rankings may have changed a bit.

Kentucky is currently the highest-ranked team in the national standings with a record of 22-3, while Michigan State and Wisconsin are both in the top 10 with a combined 17-2.

But Louisville is in the middle of the pack with a 16-6 record, and Virginia is in a little bit of a rut at 17-10.

Iowa is currently ranked number one with a 22-8 record, while Wisconsin is at 20-10, but Michigan and Indiana are still in the mix at the bottom of the conference.

The teams that are in the bottom half of that table, which is the most efficient in terms of wins per game, are: Michigan State at 14.8 points per contest, Wisconsin at 14, Michigan at 13, and Iowa at 11.

But you may have noticed that Indiana and Michigan are the two teams that have been on the lower end of the power rankings for several years.

Iowa’s win percentage in the first two rounds of the last five years has been over 10 percent, while Indiana has been at 12.9 points per play.

So while Wisconsin and Iowa are on the bottom end of that list, they are still the most productive teams in NCAA Tournament history.

The next question for those of you who are curious is: Which schools had the most wins in the regular season?

That’s an important question because it allows us to know how well each team played in the conference tournament.

We can also calculate the average points scored per game over the course of a season and compare that to the regular-season averages.

The answer for this is very different than the win percentage, but the average is very useful in this regard.

For example, the top-ranked Michigan team has averaged a staggering 8.5 points per possession in the Big Ten regular-year games, and that’s the third-highest average in NCAA tournament history.

Indiana is also the top team in Big Ten games with an average of 7.4 points per.

In terms of scoring per possession, Indiana is the top, while Kentucky is second.

If we look at the conference’s average points allowed per game and compare it to the national teams, we get a good sense of which teams were able to win more games.

In NCAA Tournament play, Michigan has been the No. 1 team in conference games with a 4.2 point per game average and Indiana has averaged 4.6.

So it’s not as if Michigan is a much better team than Indiana, but Indiana is in good company.

The top-rated team in NCAA Tournaments, North Dakota State, has averaged 2.4 per game.

Kentucky, which leads the conference in points allowed, is also No. 3 with 2.1 points per per.

The Big Ten’s top team, Wisconsin is third with 2 per game on average.

It’s a lot more interesting to see which teams won more conference games and how many points they scored per.

If you look at how each team scored per possession over the years, there are a few surprising findings.

For instance, Wisconsin has been able to average 1.4 more