I think traffic school can be really useful for kids who are struggling with traffic and need a little extra help to keep their head above water and stay safe, but if you’re looking to spend a few hours at school you might want to think again.

A new study released by the Lincoln School District, which covers Lincoln and surrounding communities, reveals that traffic school is not for everyone.

In fact, only 3% of Lincoln’s students will benefit from it.

The school district said the number was based on a survey of students who were enrolled in traffic school as of March 2017.

“While our community has always been welcoming, we do not have an easy way to measure how many students are coming to school this year because we do have no baseline,” said LSC Director of Communications and Public Engagement, Susan McWilliams.

“However, we have been working hard to find out more about traffic school enrollment.

We have worked with a number of organizations to make our enrollment more transparent and accessible, including the National Traffic School Association, the Nebraska Department of Transportation, and the Lincoln Police Department.”

The survey also revealed that while traffic school students are more likely to have disabilities and other special needs than students who are not enrolled in the program, traffic school does not discriminate based on race or ethnicity.

“We are grateful to the Lincoln Public Schools for their commitment to support our students and to provide them with opportunities for success,” McWilliams said.

Traffic school also does not give students the opportunity to experience their school in a way that will be culturally appropriate.

“The students who take traffic school are not afforded the opportunity for exposure to students of color, or those who are more academically challenging,” McWilliam said.

“The school does teach a specific skill set, but it is not a learning environment that is conducive to creating inclusive learning environments for students of all backgrounds.”

Despite the low numbers of traffic school enrollees, the school district hopes the information will help improve the student experience.

“It is important for our students to be able to have a safe, positive, and meaningful learning experience,” McSweeney said.