The High School Graduation and Retention (HSG) programme at the Dublin Metropolitan University is one of a number of free high school courses offered in Dublin. 

However, this year’s programme has been suspended, with the Irish High School Leaving Certificate (IFSC) programme due to go ahead as planned on the last day of September. 

It comes after students had to leave their classes early this month after the IFSC failed to find students to teach their courses.

The IFSCs are a key part of the national student registration scheme, and they have been used to help boost the number of Irish high school graduates entering university.

However, the Irish Government has been criticised for its decision to suspend the programme. 

“It is very disappointing that this has been taken away from the students who deserve to receive the high quality education they have always received,” said Michelle O’Rourke, chief executive of the ICSR. 

The ICSRs are currently being used by students from across the country to complete their GCSEs.

In the past, these programmes have been extended to cover a larger number of students in order to ensure that they complete the compulsory Leaving Certificate.

However in this case, the IISCs have been withdrawn, with students unable to attend the IESCs. 

This means that students will no longer be able to participate in the programme at IESC Dublin.

“The students who are still in their classes this month are absolutely devastated.

We are really sad for them.

They are so proud to be a part of it,” said Mr O’Meara, a teacher.

The student who attended the IFSC this year, Hannah, said that she would be studying for the IEFSC at the University of Dublin.

Ms O’Reilly said that there were other ways that students could have participated in the ICFS.

“There are some people who have volunteered to do the IFC, which is a part-time learning opportunity.

There are also some students who will be doing the IIFSC for free and there are a few who are being offered a position at the school in the hope of gaining some work experience.

There is so much to be learned through this program,” she said. 

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