Posted January 28, 2019 07:30:08 The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (DOC) is spending about $8 million to renovate its prison school on the southern end of Pasco.

The $2.5 million project, which was approved in March 2018, includes new facilities for prisoners to study and work in a prison yard.

DOC Director of Corrections David DeBartolo said in a news release that the upgrades will be funded through a grant from the Bureau of Prisons.

The work will be completed by the end of 2020.

The prison is the only facility that holds a full prison-wide school program.

The facility’s previous prison school was in the city of Coronado, located near the San Fernando Valley.

The new prison is one of several in the county that will house more than 40 inmates.

“We will be able to meet the needs of the inmate population,” DeBartsolo said.

“As we continue to expand our prisons and prisons will be used as a vehicle for corrections services.

We will have more than 1,000 inmates, and that includes all types of crime.”

The new facility is in the southern part of the county and is being built on the property of the California Department for Corrections and Probation.

A DOC spokesperson said the facility will be located at the corner of Highway 1 and North Santa Fe Road.

The project will cost $8.8 million.

The agency hopes to use the money to upgrade classrooms, staff facilities and the facilities themselves.