The state’s wild cats and wild dogs have been given a reprieves.

Wildlife Minister James Merlino said wild animals would not be affected by the state’s harsh winter.

“The WA Department of Primary Industries has been working with a variety of partners across WA to make sure that the animals and habitats of Western Australia are protected,” he said.

“We will continue to monitor wild animal populations throughout the state and the wider country and continue to work with the WA Government to ensure we are ensuring the welfare of these animals.”

Mr Merlino also said it was “absolutely vital” that people remained aware of the conditions in the state.

“People should understand the conditions we are facing, they should be aware of what their pets are being exposed to, and they should have a plan in place to ensure that their pets get adequate care,” he added.

“That plan will be updated to reflect the new climate, the new threats, and the changes that we are seeing in the wild.”

In this way, people will be able to make informed decisions about the protection of their pets and they will also have a greater understanding of how to protect their own pets and their own land.”‘

The animals are going to die’Mr Merlinon said the government had been working to protect wildlife.”

Over the last few years, we have made significant progress in conserving and protecting wildlife, including a major funding boost for the Western Australian Wildlife Service,” he told the ABC.”

These efforts are helping to reduce the impacts of the extreme winter on wildlife and their habitats.””

It is important that we continue to ensure animals continue to be protected and that we do not have to go through another winter without doing so.

“The WA Government said it would review the status of wild animals in the coming weeks and had put a halt to hunting and trapping.”

A significant reduction in the number of wild animal killings has occurred across Western Australia and our response to that is to put an end to the hunting of wild wildlife,” Mr Merlino told the media.”

This is not a one-off event, this is the result of a significant number of people coming forward and speaking up.

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